About Us

imageOur History
Draco Services was originally founded in 1990 to provide residential supports in the Austin area to individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities by Gordon Israel.  The company flourished through the outstanding loyalty and dedication of both Draco's consumers and staff, eventually growing to serve over 80 individuals in 14 homes.  In 1998 Gordon took a sabbatical and over the next few years the system for providing supports continued to evolve and expand, with a greater focus on community-based supports.  In 2002 Gordon decided to come back to the field with a Home and Community-based Services (HCS) agency and later adding the new Texas Home Living (TxHmL) program.  Beginning with services to 15 individuals, the agency today provides supports and services to over 170 individuals throughout the Abilene,  Austin, El Paso and surrounding areas.  In 2008 Draco opened our West Texas Regional Office in Abilene.  In January 2010 Draco began operations in El Paso Texas.  We hope to bring our philosophy of family-based services to individuals to the various parts of Texas where we operate our programs.  Draco has become a provider of choice in the various markets through our dedication to quality and family.

Mission and Values
Our mission is very simple - to provide superior services in a family environment.  Family comes in many shapes and sizes.  At Draco, we believe that if you treat people the way you want to be treated, everyone wins!

Vision for the Future
The future is always full of potential.  Draco plans to fully develop that potential for the people we support, the people we employ and those who may choose us as their service provider.  As our company continues to grow, new opportunities become evident that enable us to realize our goals.